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נגן וידאו

“I Love You, Tree” – is Maple’s first single from her upcoming debut album.

The song was inspired by a mulberry tree that was placed in the middle of a busy intersection. Maple was inspired by the abundant generosity of the tree, standing there unnoticed by most passing by, and what she experienced as its unbiased and infectious giving. As humans we often limit our generosity out of concern that we won’t have enough left. Maybe we fear we’ll run out of energy or the capacity to share lovingly and indefinitely. This song serves as a reminder and inspiration to take note of the giving tree and incorporate that endless generosity into our lives.

Lyrics and music: Maple Meital Braier Producing: Eran Daniel Or Mix and mastering: Noam Ben Shabat Singers: Maple Meital Braier, Gili Rahat, Emy Raviv, Naama Lindenbaum, Gaya Maya AptowitzerGuitars: Eran Daniel Or Drums: Ben Aylon Keyboard: Nof Ivri Saxophone: Dor Asraf

about maple

Maple (B. Meital Braier, 1990, Jerusalem) is an Israeli singer songwriter, creative and a social-environmental advocate.

After spending some time in her twenties living and working in a community “off-grid” she moved to the Pardes-Hannah area in the North of Israel and began writing original music. Maple sings raw, unapologetic hymns and explores the harmony of humans with nature through the lense of her personal journey.